Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Introduction

When you think of what a housewife is do you have visions of the 1950s woman at home cooking, cleaning and taking care of her husband and children? Do you imaging a woman who has no other interests besides taking care of her own home and family? Do you imagine someone who stays home all day watching tv while her husband is out working for the family? Or do you see more?

There are many different views and opinions of what a housewife is. My opinion, well...a housewife is a complex woman, just as complex as any other person out there. She has hobbies and interests, just like everyone else. She has opinions, values and priorities. She takes pride in who she is and what she has accomplished, just like everyone else. She has wants and needs, dreams and desires. She makes mistakes, she gets tired. She cares for others and longs to have others care for her. She may be married with children, trying to have children or have no plans for children at all. She may have a part-time job outside the home or even a full-time career. Maybe she hates to cook, but loves to clean. Whatever the case may be, she is a woman and she is human.

I think many woman put too much pressure on themselves to be that "perfect" 50's housewife. These are modern times and for the ultra modern woman things have changed a lot. The ultra modern housewife is no longer bound by the expectations of a "typical" housewife who only cooks, cleans, sews and always puts her family's priorities first.

As an ultra modern housewife I do not claim to be perfect, and I don't expect other ultra modern housewives to be perfect either. When it comes to being an ultra modern housewife, there really is no perfect. What works for me, might not always work for you. Life situations can be vastly different from one ultra modern housewife to the next and what applies to one situation may not work for another. However, I do believe life is about learning, and there are still things that we can learn from others. I also believe in sharing knowledge with others, which is what this blog is meant to achieve. Being a better housewife should not be a secret!

Many of the topics in this blog will certainly apply to single, divorced or even widowed women and men too! So, pass on this link to anyone you know who you think may be interested. And don't forget to comment!

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